Mortgage Industry

Mortgage companies that are more responsive to market changes, more efficient at their processes, while keeping costs low are the ones that will beat out the competition.

What are the challenges?

How we solve them.

Underwriting is costly and long
Consolidate underwriting sources and verify consistency across process
Funding process relies on paper and manual verification
Remove paper from underwriting (convert all docs to data)
Legacy loan data polluted
Servicer files reviewed upon receipt for accuracy
Unreliable servicer reporting
Servicer files converted to database/system requirements
Due Diligence Costly for little return
Automate complete loan review against source documentation
Millions spent annually for 90-95% unverified loan data
Streamlined enterprise data verification against docs and rules
Audit/Management data view persistently opaque
Complete real-time Auditor summary and Management view of data impact
Investor Reporting errors
Reporting verified for 100% prior to investor remit

Reducing data availability from more than a month to minutes each day:

From funding through reporting, identifying issues with complete visibility, all while reducing costs.

This changes the way business is done.

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    What our users think.

    “BaseCap helped us gain confidence in the decisions we are making, because we know that the underlying data has been verified, and all the data issues have been fixed”

    – COO, Mortgage investor