Mortgage Industry

Mortgage industry companies that are more responsive to market changes, more efficient at their processes, while keeping costs low are the ones that will beat out the competition.

What are the challenges?

How we solve them.

Missing Documents
“…40–60% of repurchase requests issued by Fannie Mae are ultimately resolved simply by the lender providing a critical document that was missing…”
Manual Post Close Quality Control
“Mortgage lenders generated more defective loans in the second quarter, reflecting the transition from a refinance to a purchase market,... ”
Error Prone Loan Transfers
“Loan servicing transfers have historically been disruptive for borrowers, and sometimes key information or records about borrower accounts are lost in the shuffle.”
Talent Shortage & Attrition
“Turnover at the largest banks has been massive but the ‘war for talent’ is just starting”

Mortgage Quality Control That Works!
BaseCap's Mortgage Quality Manager TM

Loan Validation Manager TM

- Automated Document to Data Review

- Out of box mortgage quality control policies

- On demand quality control policies

Document Inventory Manager TM

- Missing Document Identification

- Document Splitting

- Document Indexing

Servicing Transfer Manager TM

- Automated- Field Mapping, Code Breaking & Assignment

- Output Validation - Pre & Post Transfer

Reducing data availability from more than a month to minutes each day:

From funding through reporting, identifying issues with complete visibility, all while reducing costs.

Focus on your loans with defects , we’ll take care of the rest – 55% no-touch; 45% low-touch review

This changes the way business is done.

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What our users think.

“BaseCap’s Mortgage Quality Manager offers a very detailed process, allowing us to focus our efforts precisely on those few issues that require remediation”

– Carol Norton

SVP, Servicing Systems, New American Funding

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