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Data Quality Manager Dashboard
Data Quality Manager Dashboard
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Automated Data Issues Identification

Active Monitoring

Before ingesting data, our active monitoring feature detects data quality issues in real-time, and provides a heartbeat on your data quality.

Drag-and-Drop Standards

Our intuitive, graphical user interface allows anyone—even those without technical backgrounds— to apply rule standards to any data set without the need to code.

Doc to data

Users can employ ML to extract and validate data from PDFs and other graphical formats without manually entering and reviewing data.


Issues Management and Data Flow Orchestration

Intelligent Issue Management

Managers can assign data quality issues automatically, leveraging historical learnings to assign the best issue resolution path.

Data Flow Orchestration

Only data meeting a minimum quality score will be populated into your data sources.

Data Source Grouping and Monitoring

Logical grouping offers users an organized, real-time, and complete view of their data.


Bad Data Healing

Solutions Replay

This feature provides root cause analysis on data issues as well as suggestions on corrective measures.

Bad Data Auto-Healing

Using Machine Learning, we can automatically remediate persistent data issues at source.

Entity Matching, Dynamic Data Reconciliation, Crosstable Validations

These are just a few of the features we use to validate data against a “golden source.”

Our Platform employs a wide ranging set of tools for users to identify what are the corrective measures to remove duplicates, ensure completeness and accuracy, and validate data against reference tables.


Built for your enterprise

BaseCap’s Data Quality Manager can be deployed quickly, safely, and within your existing infrastructure.


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