How BaseCap tames your data

Explore the groundbreaking functionality of our dynamic validation tool.

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The BaseCap platform is an accessible way for everyone at your organization to ask questions about the information that fuels your operations.

3 Steps to Healthier Data

1 | Data          2 | Actions          3 | Insight


Link up your files, spreadsheets, databases, and storage locations


Establish a connection between BaseCap and your data locations (databases, file storage, etc.).


Manage which data sources, like specific files and tables, to feed into the BaseCap platform.



Validate your files, automate workflows, and transform your data


Create and apply policies that determine whether data fields in your files meet certain criteria. The policies you apply can be as simple as “is the amount greater than 5” or as complex as checking for regulatory compliance.


Coordinate recurring, automated processes involving your validated data. Easily set up gates that only allow “good” data to enter your systems.


Change, translate, and send data. Quickly manipulate your rows, columns, and other formatting to reconcile uniquely modified spreadsheets and databases.


Make discoveries about your data that lead to better-informed decisions

Source View

View all the policies, results, and details about each of your data sources.

Dynamic View

View exceptions to your chosen policies across multiple data sources.

Issues View

View all outstanding issues and automatically notify assigned team members to resolve them.

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Your Environment or Ours

You can host BaseCap in your own cloud or on-premises environment, or choose to host with us. Explore your options and let us know which path works best for your org.


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