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Servicer Transfer

Board and transfer large volumes of loan data in minutes with 100% accuracy. BaseCap turns large and unwieldy servicer transfers into an easy, automated, “set it and forget it” process. 



Are you facing these challenges?

Moving data from one system to another is difficult enough in your own company's ecosystem. Moving files between federated systems makes it that much harder. With the ability to automap data fields, continuously validate 100% of data, and benchmark transfers of similar types, BaseCap can reduce the length of a servicer transfer from months to weeks, or even days!

Inconsistent formatting and improper data mapping slows down transfers
Automatically map data fields and standardize formats across all your data sources
Inaccurate data in the files we're boarding or transferring are painstaking to identify and correct
Validate 100% of data fields before, during, and after the transfer
We can't complete large and complex data transfers quickly enough
Automate manual tasks and reduce the steps required to transfer fully validated data
We have poor visibility into the quality of the data we're transferring
Gain a full view of your data sets and sources, and run constant checks to identify exceptions
We're managing countless integrations in our system
BaseCap sits on top of your entire data ecosystem, pulling data from all sources and enabling integrations like ETL workflows
We start from scratch on every data transfer
Leverage automapping, automated policy checks, and transfer benchmarking to proactively address common exceptions and speed up transfers

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How long do your routine servicer transfers take?

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“A tremendous amount of the data transfer process between servicers can be automated by BaseCap. The platform can identify where there is similarity between data sets, automatically marry them, and decode them so that you board accurate data.”

~ Jason Ahl, Head of Mortgage Solutions

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How does BaseCap improve data transfers?

When moving large volumes of data from system A to system B, BaseCap applies a number of innovative features to help increase the speed and accuracy of your transfer.

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