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Data Movement Orchestration

Imagine combining all of the information you need from multiple files into a single picture. For operations teams, that’s worth more than a thousand words.

Are you facing these challenges?

Every day, the data your business relies on zooms and zips across your ecosystem in unpredictable and sometimes invisible ways. Often, you're boarding data from third parties, transferred in formatting that doesn't translate to your own. To gain control and visibility of that data, you need a solution that wraps around all your data sources and automatically combines the relevant data into a single view that everyone from your data engineering team to your operational users can access to gain insight and initiate data transfers.

We're struggling to transform the data we receive into usable formats
Leverage BaseCap's custom XML/JSON parsing and data transfer frameworks to consolidate data into the format of your choice
Bad data is being fed into our downstream processes
BaseCap serves as the gatekeeper for your data, preventing all unvalidated data from entering your ecosystem.
We need the data we're gathering from multiple sources and files to be combined into one view.
BaseCap merges data using either our data transfer framework or by linking into Azure data factory to create ETL pipelines.
We're having trouble managing data dependencies
BaseCap ensures data processing doesn't start until all the required data has been boarded.
Our data analysis is slowed down by complex manual processes
Using Doc2Data, BaseCap automates the scanning and validation of documents to give your teams time back.
We have poor visibility into how our data is being moved through our ecosystem
BaseCap provides a single user interface where any business user can view and modify the data orchestration

Do you board data from multiple sources?

BaseCap can consolidate these data flows and move them into a single view for analysis.

“One client received data from multiple third parties in different formats. We created transformations to align the data from each third party into a single, industry-standard format so that they could compare apples to apples and also run standardized checks against the full set of loans received from all their servicers.”

~ Hannah de Regt, COO

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How does BaseCap improve data movement orchestration?

Rather than purchasing a whole set of ETL tools and running countless SQL queries, you can run all of your data movement orchestration in one place with BaseCap. Simply plug in your data sources, run custom policies to change the formatting or validate the accuracy of the incoming data, and run BaseCap continuously to automate and streamline your analytics workflows.

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