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Customer Story: Streamlining Servicing Transfers at Equiant

Equiant’s partnership with BaseCap Analytics marked a pivotal improvement in their servicing transfer operations. The data validation platform not only...

Customer Story: Automating UCC Deadline Tracking at Lument Bank

The Quality Assurance team at Lument, a prominent mortgage lender, spent hours of manual analysis tracking UCC deadlines in their...

Validating Data From Third Parties

A prominent investment firm had been growing its mortgage business and consulted with BaseCap Analytics to address its growing data...

Generating Value from Generative AI

Generative AI will heavily influence the value of information services companies in the next half decade, according to a report...

Why Data Quality Can Make or Break Mergers & Acquisitions

Improving data quality delivers value before, during, and after a major merger or acquisition. Find out how to increase your...

Data Observability for the C-Suite

Leaders eying artificial intelligence must improve their data health first. For the CXOs, the priority is running a tight operation...

Set up, validate, and repeat.