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Process Automation

There are thousands of processes that keep your company’s engine humming.
But a chink in the gears can quickly slow down business.

Are you facing these challenges?

With endless PDFs, spreadsheets, and documents running through your systems, it's all too easy for "bad" or corrupt data to proliferate in your information ecosystem. Operations teams face many hurdles in their attempt to validate reports, adjust data, launch the next step in a process, or assign the right users for the task. Many of the solutions today are intensely manual or simply digitized. BaseCap embeds advanced process automation into your most important workflows to eliminate opportunities for error, bottlenecks, and inactivity.

Human error leads to inaccurate data
BaseCap automatically identifies problems in your data, so humans can focus on finding solutions
The data we're looking at is often old or outdated
Get a live view of your data to take immediate action about areas of risk that could impact your org
We're finding it difficult to grow because our manual processes aren't scalable
Validate unlimited data as frequently as you like, helping you quickly scale your business ops
We can't adapt our processes as quickly as regulations change
Instantly create and adjust policies in BaseCap and push those changes across all your data
Bottlenecks are keeping our teams in hurry-and-wait limbo
BaseCap automates the handing off of tasks, instantly notifying the correct user to remediate errors
We rely on SQL developers to write new rules for our data, which saps time and money
BaseCap's self-service policy creation tools are designed with business users in mind, improving your business's reaction time

How would automating your data validation processes impact your org?

Save your teams time and relieve the frustration of manual data reviews so they can focus on solving problems and adding value.

“BaseCap isn’t here to write your reports for you. We’re here so you never have to run another report again.”

~ Virginia Earley, Senior Account Executive

Jason Ahl hosts webinar on how servicers are evolving checklist procedures with automation

On-demand webinar

Hear from Jason Ahl, Head of Mortgage Solutions at BaseCap Analytics, about the longstanding industry challenges that our product was invented to overcome. 

What's slowing down your processes?

In the lifecycle of your most important data, there are many opportunities for corruption. Explore some of the most common bottlenecks and time-sucks in the process of turning data into insight.

infographic showing the many roadblocks between boarding data and analyzing it.

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