Enable emerging technologies and uncover hidden risk in your policies and claims.

Accelerate your day-to-day

Insurance companies use BaseCap to quickly validate the accuracy and completeness of data in files associated with policies, claims, and billing.

Validate 100% of your core platform and underwriting data

Improve your data quality to uncover risk, enable new insurtech, and respond rapidly in a dynamic marketplace.

Fraud detection

Fraud Detection

Supply advanced fraud detection software and emerging AI tools with real-time, vetted information.

3rd Party Data Transfers

3rd Party Data Transfers

As data weaves through an array of third parties, BaseCap ensures 100% of vendor data is present and accurate, and then transform it into usable exports your operations teams can use to run analysis.

Core Platform Validation

Core Platform Validation

Instantly and automatically validate all of the data that flows into and out of your core platform.



BaseCap can help underwriters improve the accuracy of premiums, and thus make customers happier.

Catastrophe Response

Catastrophe Response

Speed up response times and gain more accurate virtual estimates faster by using BaseCap to process data in the wake of a catastrophe.

Data Governance

Data Governance

Take a proactive approach to data governance by automatically running queries to better understand your data and provide proof of compliance.

Minor shift, major reward

Take a proactive approach to risk management and technology adoption by adding BaseCap to your information ecosystem. A simple integration connects and validates unlimited forms and spreadsheets, for any file type or origin.

The BaseCap difference

Clients have used our Platform to:

  • Scan 28 million data fields per week
  • Run 2,300+ policies per week
  • Save 1,000 hours of manual work per week
  • Achieve a 3X return on investment

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