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Data Quality Manager dashboard

BaseCap’s technology allows companies to shift to and sustain a proactive business approach.

Data Quality Manager dashboard



Data quality is Business quality

The top complaint BaseCap hears from customers is, “I know my data sources are filled with errors that cause significant downstream issues, but I don’t know how to get ahead of it.” BaseCap’s software enables companies to create a proactive business approach to ensure that information is validated and accurate before it’s needed to supply critical workflows and decisions.

Improve your business quality.

Improves your business quality with:


Active Monitoring

Keep a heartbeat on your data and learn immediately when an issue arises.

Drag-and-Drop Standards

Add checks on all your data sources using our graphical interface; no code.


Intelligent Issues Management

Set up smart alerts for the right users within your organization.

Data Flow Orchestration

Visualize all your data flows and kick off transfers only when data quality meets a minimum threshold.


Solutions Replay Healing

Capture re-usable best methods to fix data issues.

Bad Data Healing

Identify the best method to heal data issues through smart recommendations, assignments, and corrections.

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Learn how BaseCap improved business processes in the mortgage space by reducing manual touch to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Data issues are the norm, not the outlier

All companies have issues hidden within their data sources. That’s the reality when you have hundreds of data sources with thousands of columns and rows in all different formats and environments. Can you proactively identify and correct your issues before they negatively impact your business?

Platform Migration

Business Example

  • Imagine you’re a technology company experiencing rapid growth, and you’re migrating platforms to fit your growing team’s needs. Challenges of complex data mapping and transformation turn a two-month project into a year-long project consisting of scouring through spreadsheets and tables, all while costing your team valuable time and money.

BaseCap Solution

  • With Data Transfer and Quality Manager, migrations can be simplified using automation. Data can be smart-mapped and validated in one step, which allows projects to stay on the timeline, all while mitigating risk.

Business Example

  • Imagine you’re a mortgage lender selling loans through the secondary market to be able to finance additional mortgages. However, the lender who acquires the loans formats their data fields differently, causing many issues, including delays in customer service and wrongful foreclosures. What was supposed to help fuel the purchase of additional mortgages turns into upset borrowers and tons of additional time and money remedying the issues.

BaseCap Solution

  • Quality Manager can automatically validate proper data formatting for any custom specifications. This ensures that data is accurate and timely for when your business needs it.

Business Example

  • Imagine you’re a retailer sending product catalogs to your CRM database of 50,000 customers. These catalogs cost $50 to create and are sent monthly to increase sales. On the surface, everything is running great, but under it all, you have 5,000 duplicate customers receiving two catalogs each month. Over time this issue multiplies as duplicates increase and the margins on your catalog campaigns become slimmer and slimmer.

BaseCap Solution

  • Quality Manager can validate your customer information to ensure that you know all duplicates and the rate at which they are remedied, increasing margins and customer satisfaction.
Missing/Incomplete Information

Business Example

  • Imagine you’re a large company going through a merger and acquisition whose goal is to keep employee trust and retention during a stressful time. Challenges arise when you’re late identifying missing and incomplete HR data from the acquired company causing errors with payroll and benefits. These mistakes cause employees’ trust to wane, and the company goal of retention has now turned into a managerial nightmare with increased employee turnover.

BaseCap Solution

  • Quality Manager actively identifies and monitors data to send alerts when data is missing or incomplete, allowing your company to remedy the issues before it has negative impacts.

Different systems, same BaseCap

All companies and departments utilize data in different fashions based on objectives, technology stack, and internal resources. To address this, BaseCap’s platform is built like playdough to have the flexibility to mold around each customer’s unique systems and solutions.

A data quality solution that your business & data teams will love

No-Code Needed

Remove the need for lines of complex code. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows all types of users to create policies.

Agile Updates

Make changes when you need to. Simplified UI allows users to update policies to stay up-to-date with ever-evolving business needs.

End Monotonous Tasks

Save your data team weeks of manual labor from scouring through old spreadsheets and SQLs and allow them to focus on what drives business value.

Unite Cross-Functional Teams

Eliminate confusion with our centralized dashboard between business and data teams, allowing everyone to speak the same language.

Our users love us

“BaseCap’s solutions improve our processes and make it easy to scale to the surges in the market as they happen without changing staffing.”

Carol Norton, SVP, Servicing Systems, New American Funding

“A huge thank you for delivering what BaseCap promised. This does what was promised…that’s a rare thing.”

SVP, Transaction Management, Leading Global Investment Company

"BaseCap’s solutions improve our processes and make it easy to scale to the surges in the market as they happen without changing staffing."Carol Norton, SVP, Servicing Systems, New American Funding
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“A huge thank you for delivering what BaseCap promised. This does what was promised…that’s a rare thing.”SVP, Transaction Management, Leading Global Investment Company
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“This is game changing for our business.”Director of Servicing, Top 10 Mortgage Servicer
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“The industry needs more solutions like BaseCap’s to address our needs.”COO, Top 10 Bank
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