data quality management solutions

assisting clients with data quality

Write Standards Once, Run Anywhere

Write Business Rules once and use them across different data sources, from Excel and CSV files to SQL databases.

Fast and Scalable

BaseCap's unique approach allows Data Quality needs to scale from thousands of records to tens-of-millions in seconds with no downtime.

Integration with Existing IT Infrastructure

Powerful APIs provide integration opportunities with your existing systems and IT Infrastructure.

Collaborative Remediation

A single-source-of-truth for all Data Quality Management organization-wide with real-time updates gives relevant people the right information quickly and easily.

Data Quality Management Platform

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BaseCap Analytics solves institutional problems with analytics and reporting tools that are timely, accurate, and significantly less expensive than alternative methods. Let us know how we can help.

  • Reporting for all organizational structures, providing the relevant information seamlessly
  • Real-time collaboration gives relevant parties a single-source-of-truth, eliminating unnecessary meetings and overhead
  • Scalability to all data sizes seamlessly and dynamically to keep costs down and efficiency up
  • View Data Quality historical trends, change deltas, and drill in to rule failures