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Checklist Automation

Changes to regulations, shifting market needs, and new products are driving mortgage companies to innovate. And turning instruction into procedure is no easy undertaking.



Are you facing these challenges?

Every loan servicer on the floor of your office checks off hundreds of boxes a week. Often, these baked-in processes are key to validating regulatory compliance or understanding the value of your loan portfolio. Seasoned lending professionals run through these checklists by memory, all while staring and comparing loan data for hours into the night. There's a better way.

Inaccurate sampling techniques
Rapid validation of 100% of data
Checklists only applied at document milestones
Apply checklists continuously to identify issues sooner
Difficult to compare different types of data manually
Run ANY document (.pdf), database (SQL), or data set (.csv).
Fluctuation in loan volumes make it difficult to right-size
Scale up and down to handle seasonal peaks and reduce costs in valleys.
Every new regulation or change adds a new checklist
Adapt in the moment to modify your checklist processes
Can’t find the underlying data source for issues
Instantly flag data issues and view where they came from

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“If you’re using any kind of AI or any type of computer engineering principles to make business decisions, what’s likely lagged is your ability to control and quality check the information that those automated solutions are making.” – Steven Smith

Jason Ahl hosts webinar on how servicers are evolving checklist procedures with automation

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How automated checklists compare with manual checklist processes

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