Speed up the data transactions that keep your municipality thriving

Accelerate your day-to-day

Utilities providers use BaseCap to validate their CRM information and connect disparate data sources.

Remove bottlenecks in your most important workflows

BaseCap automatically makes your data more accurate, complete, and standardized.

Data Migration

Data Migrations

Minimize the risks associated with data migrations and speed up the process with automated validation and standardization in the BaseCap Platform.

Data Integration Quality Control

Data Integration Quality Control

Instantly validate and transform information that you board from multiple municipalities and vendors.

CRM Cleansing

CRM Cleansing

Rapidly validate and discover insights about your CRM data by using BaseCap to validate the information therein.

AI Enablement

AI Enablement

Take advantage of technologies like predictive analytics and generative AI by first improving the quality of your data.

Data Standardization

Data Standardization

Reconcile differences in spreadsheets and data bases like day formats and address fields.

GIS Integration

GIS Integrations

BaseCap helps you merge Geographic Information System (GIS) functionalities with existing software and databases through automated transformations and data gating.

Minor shift, major reward

Instead of reacting to the issues created by incomplete or inaccurate data, proactively discover and remediate them using BaseCap. A simple integration connects and validates all the forms and spreadsheets that your teams, vendors, and customers generate.

The BaseCap difference

Clients have used our Platform to:

  • Scan 28 million data fields per week
  • Run 2,300+ policies per week
  • Save 1,000 hours of manual work per week
  • Achieve a 3X return on investment

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