How to keep your
data healthy

Corrupted, lost, or "dark" data can proliferate in your business without the right preventative care. Find out where BaseCap catches bad data in its tracks.

The life of your data

Here's how BaseCap protects your data across its entire lifecycle.

Generated by customers Every day, customer generate data in your CRM, at point-of-sale machines, or in your sales funnel.

BaseCap catches bad data before it can enter your systems.

Created by processes Spreadsheets, pdfs, and large exports present opportunities for corruption.

Run BaseCap continuously across all your data to eliminate inaccuracies or incomplete fields.

Boarded from third partiesSuppliers, vendors, partners and other entities regularly send you critical information.

BaseCap transforms new data to make it compatible with your tools and standards.

Analysis & visualizationData can be easily corrupted as it's brought into tools like Tableau, PowerBI, file shares, or private spreadsheets.

BaseCap checks data before and after it enters analytics engines to ensure nothing gets lost or changed.

Fed into ETL workloads Extract, Transform, and Load processes are the basis for analysis and machine learning.

BaseCap acts as a "data gate" that prevents bad data from entering these automated workflows.

Warehousing and storageOnce the information processed by ETL workloads enters the data warehouse, it feeds reporting for the whole business.

BaseCap continuously monitors your data warehouse for data quality.

Data MigrationsWhether you're moving core systems to the cloud or performing one off migrations from SQL to Snowflake, moving data creates significant vulnerabilities.

BaseCap mitigates risk during migrations.

Internal & external audits When regulators and internal investigators request data, the quality of those files can make the difference between an passing grade or a stack of fines.

BaseCap prepares you for audits through more insightful data validation.

Sent to third partiesYou send data to suppliers, vendors, partners and other entities every day.

BaseCap transforms this information so it's compatible with other applications and standards, while automatically validating it to increase your confidence in the data quality.

Retired and destroyedDestroying files is an important part of your security and data strategy, which can easily be overlooked.

BaseCap can notify your teams of expiring data to trigger important workflows for proper retirement, or find and delete duplicate data that drives hosting costs.

Our approach to data quality

BaseCap improves your data across multiple dimensions, ensuring the information that fuels your business processes is timely, accurate, complete, and seamlessly orchestrated.

Data health is business Health

BaseCap customers save millions in costs and discover better ways to do business.
They’ve also used BaseCap to achieve:

Increased revenue with more accurate decisions

Faster processes with fewer touchpoints

Lowered costs with collaboration

Improved reporting and communication

How will YOU improve your data health?