Use Case

System-to-System Reconciliation

Operations teams rely on their data systems communicating with each other to produce insight about the business. But even data sets from the same system can speak different languages.

Are you facing these challenges?

Sending large data sets between partners, customers, and internal departments can often lead to communication breakdown. BaseCap acts like a universal translator that reconciles unique definitions, column types, and file formats between systems.

The different systems that house our files can't talk to each other
Use BaseCap's smartmapping feature to help your departments understand each others' data
It's difficult to bring on data from third-party suppliers, clients and partners
Overcome different definitions, naming conventions, and file formats to board data on your own terms
We can't act in real-time to react to market changes
Unified data speeds up analysis and decision-making, giving you to-the-minute information to act on
We can't quantify the discrepancies within our data systems.
Clients use BaseCap to uncover "data obscura": the percentage of data that gets lost as it moves between systems
We've purchased a lot of technology that we're not maximizing
Easily marry the rapidly changing software, systems, and processes that will bring your business into the future
We don't treat bad data as a significant threat to our business
Better data gives you a competitive advantage in the increasingly digital marketplace

"Roger that."

Do your data systems have a communication problem? All the software and databases and CRMs and file shares that your business runs on can't create insight if they speak different languages.

“We’ve seen two companies that use the exact same program to board and transfer loans, and still – none of the fields and definitions line up.”

~ Craig Riddell, Executive Director of Sales and Account Management

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Use the BaseCap platform to complete a data transfer or validate newly acquired data.

What does system-to-system reconciliation look like?

From address formats and date fields to financial forecasts and CRMs, BaseCap helps systems with different codes and nomenclatures speak to each other.

system to system reconciliation

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