From Sampling to Total Mastery

Elevating your data review with Mark Dangelo, Seth Sprague, and Jason Ahl

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Mortgage banks could prevent tens of thousands of borrower complaints and escalations to the CFPB if all of their loan data was consistently verified. Unfortunately, “bad data,” or incomplete and inaccurate loan information, is negatively impacting borrower experiences and corrupting decision making across our industry.

The current solution is to stack teams of people against the process, and to rely on a “sample” approach to check the validity of loan data at key milestones in the loan lifecycle. Servicing and data expert, Jason Ahl, innovative business scientist, Mark Dangelo, and banking and servicing authority, Seth Sprague to learn about new technologies and approaches to data validation that can eliminate these challenges and unlock revenue opportunities through rapid and continuous data reviews.

Learn about:

  • Eliminating Borrower complaints
  • Automating Reviews
  • Mitigating fraud and compliance risk
  • Expediting turnaround times
  • Improving customer satisfaction

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    “BaseCap helped us gain confidence in the decisions we are making and because we know that the underlying data has been verified, and all the data issues have been fixed”

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