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New Feature Allows to Create Dependencies for Automated Data Workflow 

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Feature Purpose 

Many of our customers have business challenges with data orchestration. To give users more control over their data flow, our Data Quality Manager has added the ability to customize the dependencies of various data sources involved in kicking off automated ETL processes.   

For example, we have a client that receives 5 data files at different times throughout the day. However, this client wants to board the various data files to its data warehouse and eventually to its reporting platform all at once. This is only if ALL the required files pass their individual data quality checks. Otherwise, the client wants the data to remain excluded from its data system until the detected data issues are fixed. 

BaseCap’s Platform can ensure that data will only move to downstream data sources based on dependencies set up by the user, where an ETL process only initiates: 

  • If specified data files pass their assigned data quality score threshold 

  • If other specified ETL processes run successfully 


BaseCap Solves Data Quality Issues  

BaseCap Analytics helps its clients ensure the quality of the data their businesses rely on. Our Data Quality Manager automates and streamlines data quality controls, providing a foundation for data initiatives.   

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