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BaseCap Analytics Recognized as Best Workplaces 2023 by Inc Magazine

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NEW YORK, New York – Data quality software company BaseCap Analytics earned the prestigious honor of “Best Workplaces 2023” from Inc Magazine this May. The company was recognized for empowering employees across the nation to contribute, collaborate, and innovate together in a fully remote work environment.

From its inception, BaseCap strived to cultivate top talent in every field. With employees spanning 18 cities across the United States, BaseCap sets the model for how businesses can build a powerful team of skilled professionals from all walks of life. “Diversity is critical for us. Solving multi-industry data problems requires diverse perspectives,” said CFO Nicolas Guillen. “We consciously strive to create a team that is diverse not only geographically but also in terms of race, gender, age, and cultural background. This diversity makes our work more interesting, dynamic, and ultimately, more successful.”

In addition to working from anywhere, BaseCap’s employees are encouraged to make their mark on the product as well as the company’s direction. CEO Steven Smith remarked, “In our organization, every voice matters. One example is the development of BaseCap’s data transfer for loan servicing feature, which incorporated feedback from nearly everyone in the company, from all levels and departments. By bringing every voice to the table, we were able to move this feature from concept to beta and into production in record-breaking time. We are now transferring loan volumes in excess of tens of millions of loans per week, demonstrating the power of our collaborative, team-centric approach.” Facilitating this approach, BaseCap created a dedicated chat channel for coworkers to commend contributions from individuals and teams, while regular “Social Hours” keep employees from different departments connected and engaged.

BaseCap’s employees immediately celebrated the honor, writing endorsements and praise on the company’s LinkedIn page.

“Truly proud to be part of a wonderful company and see our culture being recognized by Inc. Magazine. I always knew we have something special here.”

“Working for Basecap and with this great team is one of the many reasons I’m glad I made the move.”

“In the past two months, I’ve met incredible people from all over the country, mined insights from brilliant sales reps and engineers, and collaborated with company leadership in a (virtual) room where my voice was heard.”

“I am not at all surprised. ‘The companies here demonstrate that a great workplace is less about Friday beer blasts and more about whether employees are equipped to experience work and life more fully, given that the two are more blended than ever.’ We’ve got an amazing team at BaseCap Analytics Inc.! I’m so happy to be here and can’t wait to see what we do next!”

This distinction by Inc Magazine reflects the cohesive cultural growth BaseCap has experienced with its expanding team and the deep commitment by leadership to create a company that is as innovative as its product.

About BaseCap Analytics

BaseCap improves decision-making through its Platform’s ability to provide automated data validation and monitoring. With the company’s unique Catch, Collaborate, and Correct approach to data issues, they seamlessly bring together each step in the data validation and monitoring workflow, allowing for transparency between business and technical teams. Users can now accomplish in minutes what used to take weeks of manual work, all while increasing data accuracy.

BaseCap’s Platform can be found via Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace as the only Data Quality Microsoft Partner in the Microsoft FSI cloud.

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