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BaseCap DQM

Support Documentation for BaseCap DQM Teams tab.

After Adding the Tab, you will be presented with an API Setup Screen, you may either enter your BaseCap API url at this time, or proceed by clicking the DEMO button.

After clicking the “DEMO” button the user will be presented with a table list of “data issues”, on the far right of the table there are three buttons, one for “chat”, “snooze”, and “edit”.

Click “edit” this will show the user a “slide-out panel” in which the user can view details of the issue and manage the details. For Demo Purposes, search, and save have been disabled.

To Exit the demo, a client would need to provide a valid BaseCap API url in the API config. Once provided the application will load production data that can be managed.

If you need more support with the Teams Tab please reach out to us at