Case Study: Obtaining Data from Multiple Servicers & SBO.NET Integration

Mortgage lending firms have been experiencing massive growth. Additionally, many companies have been dealing with numerous mortgage servicers providing data from legacy populations. Whether growing or maintaining; ensuring that sustainable growth does not become hampered by data issues has become a significant concern.

H2 2020 Team Successes

In the second half of 2020, the BaseCap team focused on supporting our customers in both implementing our Data Quality Management Platform and improving their data architecture, immediately reducing operational costs and enabling sustainable growth. We are happy to celebrate with our team the following major successes of H2 2020

A Small Thing

It was a small moment, an inconsequential thing. A small “ding” indicating a new email had arrived. But what that email represented was immense.

Is your Data Left-Brained?

At some point in our lives we learned about left-brain vs right-brain. You discovered that you were analytical and logical in nature because you were predominantly left-brained. Fascinating.

Turns out it was all a lie! There is actually no such thing as left or right brain-edness!