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Q3 2021 Team Successes


In Q3, the BaseCap team worked tirelessly to deploy a couple of big features on the Data Quality Manager as well as a batch of smaller improvements to the UI. We have also integrated Doc to Data (an automated document review solution) for our clients and added a new member to our team! Meanwhile, we began an engagement to help a client bank prepare for and adjust to CECL requirements.

New Platform Features

  • Cross Table Checks – makes it possible to compare data sets for validation and issues identification. There are essentially 2 types of use cases.  (Read more about Cross Table Checks)

  • For example, a user can apply the “DoesExist” rule to validate zip codes, country codes, etc.

  • Another example, a user can validate whether the dates in a data set are overdue based on another data set containing the deadlines.

  • Another example, user can also validate whether an application has the correct customer information based on an internal customer information file.

  • Clear summaries and groupings of issues, owners, status etc.

  • Ability to document resolution steps

  • More targeted email notifications

  • Other improvements – various UI improvements to search, failure details on platform and in csv export, etc.

Data Quality Manager Deployment

  • Deployed Doc to Data for clients

  • This deployment involved training “Form Recognizer” to extract data from set of PDF documents into csv and running the data sets through BaseCap’s Data Quality Manager.

  • With this implementation, clients can now automate document review and data quality control process for sources in PDF and other graphical formats.

Addition to our Development/Engineering Team

New Client Engagement

  • To Enhance CECL Credit Impairment Reporting and Modeling Process – The scope of this engagement includes at least the following:

  • Creating outline of process workflows and creating procedures

  • Assisting in execution/calculation of credit impairment models

  • Training staff on processes for external and internal reporting

  • Identify opportunities for process enhancements e.g. automation

To find out how BaseCap can help you address your data quality issues or help manage your data initiatives, contact our team today!