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New Feature: Entity (Fuzzy) Matching

Fuzzy Matching Feature

Feature Purpose

BaseCap is thrilled to announce the release of its latest Entity Matching capability on the Data Quality Manager

The new Entity Matching feature uses “Fuzzy Matching algorithms to give users the ability to identify duplicates and link records based on approximate matches like “20-40 1st Street” vs. “2040 First Street” or “Robert Smith” vs. “Rob Smith”.

While helping clients arrive at clean data, we have found that as data grows, some fields will inevitably end up with different variations of the same value. The enterprise data system starts to store duplicates and different versions of the same records, making it difficult and costly to clean up and verify later.

Entity Matching will make it easy for users to eliminate duplicates and recognize variations of the same data as being equivalent.

Read more about Fuzzy Matching here: What is Entity Matching?

How can Entity Matching help you?

  • Entity matching enables a cleaner “single customer” view by preventing duplicates that otherwise would have remained in the data set unnoticed.

  • This feature also provides a more accurate data quality score, saving users the time spent on investigating false errors.

  • Improve doc-to-data results. For example, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is not always perfect at extracting data – it sometimes misidentifies or completely misses a character (e.g. “Rafael” vs. “Rafa6”). Entity Matching will help the user identify and fix these misreads.

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