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Customizable Scheduling Feature for Data Quality Checks



scheduling feature


Feature Purpose

We understand that companies run on various schedules, where the data to support their operations might need to be processed at different times or intervals.  You might require intraday and daily records, or weekly and monthly summaries. Maybe your data doesn’t come in at set intervals and you need to run reports as soon as the data becomes available.

In order to accommodate all types of data flow schedules, BaseCap Analytics’ Data Quality Manager now allows the user more control over the scheduling of their data quality checks.

The new feature now permits 2 main options:

  • Set a “Specific Schedule” to run reports at the specified times (e.g., 3:30PM ET daily) OR specified intervals (e.g., every 12H)

  • Set “Active Monitoring” option to only run a report when a new file is loaded from the source

BaseCap Solves Data Quality Issues 

BaseCap Analytics helps its clients ensure the quality of the data their businesses rely on. Our Data Quality Manager automates and streamlines data quality controls, providing a foundation for data initiatives.

Contact us to see how we can help with your data issues and get a demo of the Data Quality Manager.