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New Feature: Smarter Issues Management


Feature Purpose

We find that our Data Quality Manager users benefit greatly from the collaborative features in catching and correcting data issues. To make our issues management module even more effective, we have added some smart features. Here are some of the additional features, and how you will benefit from them:

  • The main issues screen will now display key summary tiles – before diving into remediating data issues, you will have a high-level overview of the data issues and the owners of those issues.

  • Users can input resolution steps for future reference – as you continue to monitor the quality of your organization’s data, make sure your teams are learning from past iterations of remediating data issues. If the issue resurfaces, waste no time in finding the resolution.

  • Email notifications more targeted to data issue owners – you will have better understanding of the ownership and status of data issues.

BaseCap Helps You Solve Data Quality Issues

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