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Giving Back with BaseCap!

On Thursday, August 2nd, 2018, BaseCap hosted a volunteer event with the Mutual Housing Association of NY (MHANY) to give back to the community. MHANY is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that owns and manages hundreds of affordable housing properties for low and moderate income families throughout New York.

We started the day off with the team bright and early!


We then took the subway to one of MHANY’s buildings in Brooklyn.

subway-1.jpgUpon arrival, the MHANY team brought us down to the storage room to help organize the building’s files. We cleaned up, moved around shelving and boxes and did a lot of labeling and sorting!

working-1.jpgAfter two hours of hard work, the storage room was beginning to come together…working-2.jpg

After assembling some new shelving for the storage room, we took a lunch break in the rear yard of the building. We fueled up on delicious pizza, garlic knots, salad and lots of water along with excellent weather. Everyone was so hungry from working that no one took any pictures of the food!

After lunch, we split into two groups; one group stayed to finish the shelving and cleaning of the storage room, while the other group painted at another MHANY building a few train stops away in Brooklyn.

The shelving and cleaning group made tremendous progress and worked tirelessly to assemble all the shelves, move more boxes and tidy up the storage rooms. We hope our new labeling system will allow the MHANY team to efficiently search for documents that help them manage their buildings!


Meanwhile, the painting group focused on painting the door, railings, windows and the front of the building. People passing by complimented the paint job and said how good the building looks! We had a blast!

After a long day of hard work, the team enjoyed drinks and BBQ to relax from the day’s efforts. Thank you MHANY for having us!