What We Solve

Magnify the hidden issues within your data.

Data issues are just the tip of the iceberg that lead to larger downstream impacts.

Why is it so hard to be proactive about data quality?

Outdated work processes amplify the need for companies to empower their teams with a proactive business approach.

Complex Manual Efforts Business processes and insights often require complex manual efforts that take weeks of work to extract.

Cross-Functional ChallengesMiscommunication between siloed departments can lead to processes that take too long to achieve the desired result.

Scattered Sources and SystemsBringing sources of data scattered across the organization in different systems and format is extremely challenging.

Failure to have proactive data quality

Will generate:

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What is a proactive approach to data?

The success of any company is dependent on the quality of data used to fuel business workflows and decisions.

Accurate and Complete

Seamlessly Orchestrated

BaseCap drives successful business outcomes

Increased revenue with more accurate decisions

Instant due diligence allows deals to close quicker

Focus energy on high-priority items that drive business value

Improved efficiency by not needing to scrub data

Automated issue identification and management saves days of manual work

Improve workflow management by only receiving data that hits a minimum threshold of “cleanliness”

Lowered costs with collaboration

Unite technical and business teams with a common language

Drive conversations that allow your business to function seamlessly

Improved reporting and communication

Increased confidence in the numbers and data you are reporting on