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Spotlight Feature Added to Platform Dashboard for Root Cause Analysis


Users can now use our Spotlight feature to perform root-cause analysis. This section tells you what is causing your data problems. You can view the issues from a standards/rules-perspective (i.e. which rules are being violated), or view the issues from a columns-perspective (i.e. which columns are violating your standards).  

  • Toggle between “Standards” or “Columns” view on the dashboard 

  • View the number of times a specific standard has failed 

  • View the number of failures a specific column is causing 

  • Understand data quality trends for specified rule or column – directional arrows next to the failure count indicate whether the number of failures increased (bad), decreased (good), stayed the same (neutral) 

  • Detect first-time failures,  indicated by a red bell icon next to the failure count 

  • Drill down to more data quality detail


BaseCap Solves Data Quality Issues 

BaseCap Analytics helps its clients ensure the quality of the data their businesses rely on. Our Data Quality Management Platform automates and streamlines data quality controls, providing a foundation for data initiatives. 

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