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Q1 2021 Team Successes


BCA team successes


The BaseCap team continues to enhance the Data Quality Manager and to help clients achieve major milestones in their data initiatives. Q1 2021 has been an incredibly productive quarter!


New Deliverables: 

Completed major milestones in the implementation of automatic data delivery to SBO.NET for a large investment firm.

  • Daily New Loan Boarding – Enabled automatic extraction of new loan data from multiple servicers, while cooperating with SitusAMC/AKC on the installation of SBO.NET.

  • Daily Remittance File Load – Enabled automatic extraction of raw data from five sources delivered daily by multiple servicers, validating and transforming daily cash remittance files. 

  • Securitization Rules – Implemented ruleset for the American Securitization Format (ASF) to ensure data passed quality review for major investment firm’s most recent securitization.

Delivered key objectives for a large national bank’s Data Governance initiative – consolidation of disparate data systems and regulatory reporting automation.

  • Business Requirements Documents – Completed BRDs for various reporting schedules including FFIEC 009, FFIEC 031, and FR-Y15, etc.

  • Data Architecture – Determined data lineage for critical regulatory data elements for various regulatory reporting schedules.

  • Data Validation – Developed an automated process to analyze completeness of critical regulatory data elements across various regulatory reporting schedules.

New Platform Features:

  • Active or Scheduled Monitoring – Users can now schedule data quality checks or select “Active Monitoring”. This supports clients that have a set schedules for file creation as well as those that have file deliveries at all hours. Now users can focus on other business while the BaseCap Data Quality Manager manages file receipt, validation and dispersal automatically. (Read More)

  • Cross Link Root Cause Analysis – Users can easily analyze which records failed specific rules right on the dashboard. And by exporting an Excel data quality report, users can also compare records between current and previous files to investigate reconciliation rule failures. (Read More)

  • Automated Workflow Dependencies – Users can now automate the ETL process of data sources based on customizable dependencies. The dependencies can be based on a data source quality threshold, or on other source’s successful ETLs.

To find out how BaseCap can help you address your data quality issues or manage your data initiatives, contact our team today!