Why Data Quality

The success of any company is dependent on its ability to understand, use, and integrate data and technology throughout its business processes. Unfortunately, data being used is almost always flawed and organizations are finding that data is unusable and flawed; this requires costly, disjointed, and time-consuming data cleansing efforts.

BaseCap Data Quality Management Platform

BaseCap's Data Quality Management Platform is an industry leading platform that seamlessly integrates into organizations' existing infrastructure in order to provide data quality monitoring, validation, and alerting along every step of your data's journey. Our platform scales with your organization, from dozens of data sources to hundreds of millions of records, all seamlessly and in a cost-effective way.

Key Features

Data Source Report
  • Reporting for all organizational structures, providing the relevant information seamlessly
  • Real-time collaboration gives relevant parties a single-source-of-truth, eliminating unnecessary meetings and overhead
  • Scalability to all data sizes seamlessly and dynamically to keep costs down and efficiency up
  • View Data Quality historical trends, change deltas, and drill in to rule failures
  • Build a self-documenting library of Business Rule Standards to apply to Data Sources
  • Apply Business Rule Standards to different data source types with consistency and ease
  • Intuitive UI that works for business users and IT professionals alike
  • Secure by default by integrating with existing security boundaries and protocols while keeping all data encrypted in transit and at rest
Rule Standards

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