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New Feature: Issues Management



issues management




Feature Purpose

BaseCap Analytics understands importance of collaboration in addressing enterprise data issues. We know that a key challenge to a collaborative process is the fragmentation of technology solutions and processes.

To streamline the collaborative process of data remediation, BaseCap designed and deployed the “Issues Management” section on its Data Quality Managerbringing the issues resolution process all within a single platform accessible by any team in your organization, without a user-limit.

Issues Management improves collaboration by adding the following features to the Platform:

  1. All stakeholders can have a shared view of all the data issues across all the organization’s data sources in a single interface.

  2. A short list of issues details include:

    a. Priority – users with permission can set the priority of issues i.e. Low, Normal, High

    b. Assignment – users with permission can assign issues to individuals in the organization

    c. Status – users can see whether an issue is active, resolved, closed, or snoozed

    d. Recurrence – users can see whether an issue is new, or whether it has been recurring

  3. Alerts can be set up to notify users about their assigned issues

  4. Notes can be shared within the platform.

The arrangement and customizable views of issues details provide users a powerful way of coordinating their data remediation process without leaving the Platform, making it possible to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

BaseCap Helps You Solve Data Quality Issues

BaseCap Analytics helps its clients ensure the quality of the data their businesses rely on. Our Data Quality Manager automates and streamlines data quality controls, providing a foundation for data initiatives.

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