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New Feature: Doc Splitter

Doc Splitter Feature


Feature Purpose

The Doc Splitter feature allows users to automatically extract useful segments of a large document. For example, a comprehensive loan package can be split into specific documents e.g Applications, Credit Reports, Lease Agreements etc. This process detects missing documents within the loan package, and allows the OCR process to provide individual document quality reports.

How can Custom Reporting help you?

  • Identify missing documents within a collection of documents that has been merged or “packaged” into a single file.
    • A loan servicer for example does not need to manually comb through a 1000-page loan package to check whether a specific tax document was included or not.
  • Identify misplaced documents that do not belong in the packaged document file.
    • Loan packages are put together manually, and sometimes a key document such as appraisal for a different loan might be placed in the wrong loan package. The Doc Splitter feature automatically detects these misplaced documents.
  • Cut specific parts of a large document for data validation, reducing processing time and cost.
  • Generate an inventory of docs with standardized file names.
    • Loan packages for example come in all shapes and sizes – the Doc Splitter organizes relevant documents for the user with standardized file names.


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