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New Feature: Custom Reporting


Customer Reporting Feature

Feature Purpose

The Custom Reporting feature is a powerful tool that allows users to customize and produce relevant data quality reports by selecting only the attributes they want to focus on. A complete data quality report can generate a ton of information, and custom reporting is a way for the user to slice that information into useful parts.

How can Custom Reporting help you?

  • Custom report allows the user to focus on the following attributes.
    • Fields – user can specify which fields to generate the report on.
    • Priority – user can filter for only policies that the user has tagged as high priority, or those tagged as non-critical.
    • Success – user can view reports only on fields that were successfully validated.
    • Types of errors – user can generate reports on specific errors, e.g. only missing values, incorrect values, etc
  • These reports can be extracted directly from the Data Quality Manager as well as delivered to specified individuals.


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