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New Feature: Cross Table Checks


Feature Purpose

Organizations need accurate, consistent and timely data to make sound business decisions.

BaseCap’s Data Quality Manager now makes it easy for users to cross check data against other sources, whether between PDFs and database tables, or csv files against views, etc.

Here are some notes on the latest Cross Table features and some examples of how our clients are leveraging these features to validate and detect data issues identify key data points:

  • Check the validity of a file:

    • For example: Make sure all the account IDs on a list of approved loans are indeed eligible – are on an eligible-applicants database.

  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of information across the organization:

    • For example: Make sure the version number of all the customer information across databases are up the latest and consistent.

  • Validate data extracted from documents using technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    • For examples: Check that names, addresses, account numbers etc. extracted from an OCR run matches those in your internal system(s).

  • Flag insufficient or inaccurate values:

    • For example: Identify all the accounts that did not pay the full balance due.


In conjunction with the Platform’s workflow feature, the user can also make sure that only data with satisfactory Cross Table scores get passed on downstream to data consumers, while unsatisfactory files get flagged and triaged for remediation.

BaseCap Helps You Solve Data Quality Issues 

BaseCap Analytics helps organizations make better decisions by making sure the data they rely on is clean, timely, and accessible to all relevant data users and owners.

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