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Is your Data Left-Brained?


Your knowledge may be sitting on shaky “truths”

At some point in our lives we learned about left-brain vs right-brain. You discovered that you were analytical and logical in nature because you were predominantly left-brained. Fascinating.

Turns out it was all a lie! There is actually no such thing as left or right brain-edness!

This all started because decades ago, several magazines published articles mis-representing the research of a neuroscientist. In the early 1970s, he performed several operations separating the left and right lobes of epileptics to help with their severe symptoms. The doctor and many others warned that the left-brain, right-brain concept wasn’t true, but the story had already taken on a life of its own and become common knowledge.

How many things in our businesses take on a life of their own? We make assumptions as decisions based on what we received as a “fact” when far too often, that “fact” was anything but.

It’s no longer news that bad data directly impacts companies’ bottom line:

  • Losses due to bad data is 12% of revenue
  • 27% of data is flawed
  • Bad data creates more than $3.1 trillion dollars in annual losses

Data is key to customer insight, and business operations; it is a competitive advantage, and a strategic financial asset.

But far too often, we are either making decisions not knowing which pieces of data are like the left-brained concept or we are going out of our way to create data workarounds and ignoring what the data infers. With such unsound footing, many of us would far rather trust our instincts.

BaseCap can help your company get to the heart of your data. We will evaluate and verify your data to ensure that each data point lives up to the expectations of your organization. Whether it’s ten fields or hundreds of tables, the BaseCap Platform will review and deliver your data every day.

Different parts of the brain have unique purposes – studies of people that have undergone brain injuries or strokes have proven this conclusively. Your business is no different. You need your all the parts of your organization fulfilling their functions perfectly. With data as the lifeblood, doing its job nourishing the entire company, you can be free to move nimbly, planning and executing with confidence.

Let BaseCap support the accuracy of your data and the effectiveness of your company. Contact us today!