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How Can You Ensure Data in Your Organization Is Accurate While Working Remotely?




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As an immediate response to the Covid-19 crisis, there has been a major transformation in the way organizations work. Executives have been planning or pursuing a digital transformation strategy to regain momentum on their business initiatives. With workers now doing their job entirely remotely, integrating technology into every aspect of day-to-day operations is key. Some critical measures need to be taken to maximize business infrastructure as organizations urgently adapt to the new normal, and all roads lead to data quality.

Setting Up an Intelligent and Sustainable Strategy to Manage Data Initiatives

Data quality is not only about data issue identification and remediation, but more importantly, it is about collaboration, data context and knowledge.

Transparent data quality intelligence empowers businesses to maintain an open flow of communication around data issues, enabling self-service data extraction, communication with data providers, data transformation, analysis and ultimately, strategic digitalization. To move any data-driven initiative forward it is important to centralize contextual information so that users can see how data impacts the different data owners, users, and subject matter experts.

By establishing a centralized, enterprise-wide, sustainable data quality model for capturing, analyzing, and executing data initiatives, businesses can think holistically to ensure users can understand the context of their data for better overall strategic results. When organizations prioritize data quality, they also build trust among both business and technical users to utilize their data from remote work environments.

With the right actions, businesses today can maintain the momentum on their data initiatives, keeping employees aligned with their business strategy and enabling the organization to emerge stronger as the market recovers under a new remote dynamic.

Keeping Momentum on Pre-Covid Initiatives and Adapting to The New Remote Dynamic

Most technology initiatives were momentarily paused when Covid-19 restrictions surfaced. The change in the workforce dynamic created an opportunity for organizations to assess the criticality of their ongoing initiatives and the re-prioritization of effort based on how executable these initiatives are in the new remote reality. Organizations need to focus on data-driven initiatives to remain competitive, and to use appropriate tools to ensure process completeness and accuracy.

Data is the foundation of new AI technologies and analytics tools that drive strategic intelligence and competitiveness. However, arriving to accurate results and competitive insights with the use of new technologies typically requires some data science expertise to manipulate data until it’s credibly reliable. Business users do not typically possess this expertise, making the need of data quality tools essential for internal workers. If your business does not have the proper tools, it will be difficult to streamline communication to solve data problems. And it will be difficult achieve strategic goals. Without proper remote resources at the disposal of business users, they will struggle to connect data to analytics and deliver business insights based on quality data.

Please contact our team at BaseCap Analytics to learn about how to address your data quality issues. A data expert will help design a customized approach to turn your data into a competitive advantage for your company.