Data is your
Business Foundation

Data Quality Manager dashboard

Find out how BaseCap can help your business ensure data is accurate for decision making.

Data Quality Manager dashboard

Data Quality is Business Quality

We improve your business by improving your data. Everyday businesses need to make important decisions based on the data available to them. Can you trust your data to make sound decisions?

Improve your business quality.

Improves your business quality with:


Active Monitoring

Keep a heartbeat on your data and learn immediately when an issue arises.

Drag-and-Drop Standards

Add checks on all your data sources using our graphical interface; no code.


Intelligent Issues Management

Set up smart alerts for the right users within your organization.

Data Flow Orchestration

Visualize all your data flows and kick off transfers only when data quality meets a minimum threshold.


Solutions Replay Healing

Capture re-usable best methods to fix data issues.

Bad Data Healing

Identify the best method to heal data issues through smart recommendations, assignments, and corrections.

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Read about how BaseCap’s Data Quality Manager solves real business problems in the Mortgage space.

A data quality solution
that your business &
data teams will love.

No Bad Data

With an estimated $3.1 trillion lost to bad data in the US every year, it is imperative to make sure you’re taking good care of your data.

BaseCap’s platform allows you to fix your bad data through automated quality control and scoring, making sure you are making the most accurate decisions.
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Improved Business Processes

Focus your teams on what drives business value. BaseCap’s platform deploys in minutes and integrates with your current IT infrastructure,

saving your data team weeks of manual labor from scouring through old spreadsheets and SQL. This time saved on monotonous work will allow them more time to solve data issues at hand.
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Your Data is Your Own

Built for the enterprise, we are a
solution that your organization can
use to understand the context of
what’s happening with your data.

Drill to detail and understand the context of what’s happening with your data.
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With a centralized dashboard, BaseCap’s platform allows for easy collaboration between data creators and users.

This means no more confusion between teams as everyone will be able to speak the same language.
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