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H2 2020 Team Successes


BCA team successes



In the second half of 2020, the BaseCap team focused on supporting our customers in both implementing our Data Quality Management Platform and improving their data architecture, immediately reducing operational costs and enabling sustainable growth. We are happy to celebrate with our team the following major successes of H2 2020:



On time delivery of new platform features including:

  • Spotlight Root Cause – Identify and analyze which data fields/columns are causing rule failures across multiple rules.  This is displayed on the dashboard with a new visualization that will highlight the columns that are causing the most impact to your data quality score.

  • Centrally manage rule mappings – Drill into each rule standard and see all the data sources where a particular rule is mapped and manage those mappings as needed.  You can also view how many failures there have been for that particular rule standard across each data source.

  • Rule failure details context – View the rule standard and it’s mapping for that particular data source to gain contextual information about the rule failure.

  • Excel export update – The excel download file now identifies the rule failure(s) for each row, which is helpful when you download all rule failures for a given data source to quickly identify rows that are causing multiple failures.

  • History table details – The data quality history view now displays additional information about historical runs, meaning you can see the data quality score, rows measured and total failures without having to click into each historical report.

  • General Platform – We’ve made some general visual upgrades and changes throughout the site.


  • Saved client investment firm $1.2M by automating its mortgage liquidation process

  • Enabled a large investment firm to grow its revenue 3x with existing staff

  • Reduced monthly manual adjustments from $600M to $60M, saving a large national bank $5M in interest expense

  • Enabled 12x in efficiency gains for 2 different large national banks

    • Accelerated insights – completing in 2 months, what the bank had previously required 2 years to perform internally

    • Completed data dictionary lineage and mapping analysis across 6 different data sources in 2 weeks, a project with internal timeline of 6-months

  • Identified and remediated a data gap of 668 in a population of 4K+ Critical Data Elements (CDE), which were required for regulatory reporting

    • Designed a repeatable internal CDE audit process

  • Validated a large national bank’s data mapping for regulatory reporting, involving ~198,000 records that map to 220+ Fed reporting line items

  • Developed and tested XML code for the SCCL FR-2590 report for large national bank

  • Complete testing for a new approach to calculating credit risk exposures for a large national bank

    • Completed root cause analysis and remediation of data sourcing issues for ~1.23 million rows of derivatives data

    • Facilitated the implementation of enhanced data provision and redesigned the bank’s data model to maintain internal controls

    • Completed 650+ test cases involving validation of new exposure calculators, reconciliation of line items for 18 external (regulatory) and internal reports

    • Provided ~235 persisting queries that the bank can continue to use to monitor data quality after completion of the team’s engagement

To find out how BaseCap can help you address your data quality issues or manage your data initiatives, contact our team today!