Data-Technology Simplified: Mortgage Solutions

mortgage solutions

Scenario #1: Automate Your GNMA Purchase Advice Process Work Details: In loan purchases, mortgage firms sell loans to GNMA in bundles called pools. After the sales process, GNMA sends two individual PDF files to the mortgage firm, the 11705 and 11706. The 11705 contains the pool data, and the 11706 has summarized and detailed loan-level […]

Data Quality Issues by the Numbers

This recent proliferation of big data opens up tremendous opportunity for businesses to leverage information they did not have access to before.

Data Governance for the Digital Age — Part 1: A Paradigm Shift

The proliferation of data means organizations must ingest a larger volume of data from a wider range of sources and use them in more…ap;”>Part 1 of the Data Governance for the Digital Age series describes the change in paradigm data hashad on technology-driven organizations.