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BaseCap’s DQM Now Available in the UK via MSFT Azure Marketplace




BaseCap’s Data Quality Manager (DQM) is now available in the UK and Canada via Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. Leveraging Microsoft’s cloud, BaseCap continues to expand in the United States and globally as a key technology provider for data solutions. Businesses have tapped BaseCap for help in areas such as mortgage quality control, continual audit, automated financial reporting and more.

Recently, BaseCap’s Data Quality Manager was deployed at one of the largest Private Equity firms in the United Kingdom. “BaseCap’s data solution, available in the Azure Marketplace, allows businesses to identify and solve their data issues and helps them drive data initiatives” said Hannah de Regt, COO of BaseCap Analytics “We are looking forward to tremendous growth in 2022”.

About Data Quality Manager:
Data Quality Manager is BaseCap‘s proprietary data platform that employs a wide ranging set of tools for users to identify the corrective measures to remove duplicates, ensure completeness and accuracy, and validate data.