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BaseCap’s Company Pitch Challenge


The BaseCap team chips in for a video pitch

To most people, the term “data quality management” may have the same sleep-inducing effect as tryptophan after a Thanksgiving dinner. But to the BaseCap Analytics team, thinking about ensuring clean data for our clients is a passion.

Each BaseCap team member has a slightly different perspective on what clean data means to organizations and on how our Company can solve data issues for its clients.  Through a fun video pitch challenge, we were recently able to combine everyone’s unique approach and vision around BaseCap’s software and services to create a consolidated narrative.

Because we pride ourselves on having a diverse team, we embarked on this exercise to capture everyone’s sales pitch to make our overarching company pitch even stronger. The executive team aims to ensure that the company’s narrative includes not only what is learned through client engagements and market research, but also through the perspective of everyone in our team.

Check out the compilation of what we have put together to show how our team members would talk about BaseCap’s solution to data problems.