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BaseCap’s Commitment to Our Customers, Our Partners, and Our Team



Now more than ever, it is critical that we make it possible for our team, clients, and operating partners to maintain continuous business and respond to the unique demands that Covid-19 has brought. During this challenging time, our leadership team is meeting frequently to assess and appropriately respond to the crisis as it evolves.

With everyone’s health and welfare as a priority, we have decided to have all our employees work from home. We leverage our collaboration capabilities to help ensure business continuity and are working tirelessly to keep our momentum going while keeping everyone safe.

Our team’s strategic focus will center on assisting our customers and partners understand:

  • How to increase trust in data while subject matter experts and teams are decentralized.

  • How to best manage private data as more people access data from different locations.

  • How to prioritize projects, resources, and data, maximizing organizational efficiency.


The BaseCap Team

On our latest bi-monthly All Hands meeting, our team participated in understanding and contributing to the strategic direction of the company for the upcoming months. To share our BaseCap spirit, we had a messy but fun attempt at spelling the name of our company on the screen. We will continue to work hard, while keeping things fun for everyone in our network.


Please contact our team at BaseCap Analytics to learn about how to address your data quality issues and how to manage your data initiatives.