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A Small Thing

A Small Thing


Unexpected value in something so normal

It was a small moment, an inconsequential thing. A small “ding” indicating a new email had arrived. But what that email represented was immense.

That email was the result of an innovative idea that had formed years earlier. “Let’s create a data management system that can automatically ingest data from any source, validate its accuracy, and communicate any errors while loading accurate databases.” The birth of BaseCap Analytics’ Platform had occurred.

The work was considerable and much of it uphill. But the idea gained momentum and became a reality. It was fostered and developed and implemented.

The largest manager of real estate in America hired Basecap to manage data ingestion from two servicers.

The Platform took in dozens of files and hundreds of fields worth of data. Rules engines chugged away and confirmed the data had no problems before automatically loading it to various Azure databases. Day after day, month after month.

Ding. An email showed up.

“Data Quality Warning: Score changed from 100% to 0% exceeding Warning Threshold”

The daily transaction file held no data. Moments after the file had been received from the servicer, the email had been initiated to the servicer, owner and BaseCap staff. The system had successfully identified a problem, notified the client and informed the servicer – all on its own.

Literally millions of email messages are sent every hour, but this one represented something unique: understanding, priorities, value, timing, impact.

Such a small thing to represent something so pivotal. The hours lost by staff discovering, sourcing and communicating a problem are removed along with any question as to the data’s veracity. It’s all handled automatically, in seconds.

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